Ok, so i at the moment have a spider III 30w amp and the FBV express. I figure i could still use that for bedroom practice and sell the other spider amp i have.(yes i have two, long story) But im looking for some gear for gigging, and i definately dont want to stick with the spider amps.

I was looking for some suggestions for an amp i should get and probably an OD pedal that i could use. Im kinda new to this(this is my first post) I probably wont be playing any gigs too big yet so i dont need the most powerful thing out there. I play songs by many bands like metallica, and iron maiden. I wanna keep it probably below about 600$. i might be able to hit 700$ but only if its really needed.

If u have any questions just PM me or post, thanks in advance for the help.
Maybe a 5150 combo? That would work well for metal. You can get one used for around 600 or so.
I just posted on this other dudes thread about the same thing, so call be a Bugera rep if you want, but Bugera amps have some good tone for cheap, like the lowest being in the $500-$600 range. Check 'em out! I think Zzounds.com is the cheapest I've seen them. Guitarcenter and Musiciansfriend don't sell them, but give them a look.
What ever you decide to get, make sure it is a tube amp, since it your first tube amp try for a peavy valve king and then replace the speakers(cause there crap) You want a tube amp because depending on the tubes you put it, it will tweak your sound. And once you start playing with other people you will hear how your tones will be different. Sometimes you can fix that with the fine tuning knobs, other times it somebodys amp, its more easy to fix if u can get new tubes for a good amp rather than getting a whole new solid state.