Hey guys do you guys know of a way to convert m4a to Mp3? I have most of my songs on itunes and it kinda sux that they are in that format. Is there something i can change/download that will help me format it to mp3? if a certain program is neccessary can someone reccomend me a good one. Reason I want to convert them is because i have a brand new stereo with a usb port and i tried hooking it up with music from my itunes folder and it didnt work, i was like wtf why isnt it working then i remembered it was in m4a format.
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Go download All2mp3.
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ok i found out i got nero haha it was installed by some guy who kinda fixed the computer for us a while ago. Im backing up my files with the program for i can convert those. One question i have though is how do you convert whole folders/files. this kinda sux cuz you have to convert one song at a time. how do i do multiple at a time?
Hello, My name is Armando and im your bunny
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you're all idiots, if you have iTunes, go under Advanced and it'll say convert selection to mp3