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#1 you regret your purchase, and has it improved your playing at all? Is it better than your old one?
This was my first year of guitar to start learning theory, i guess i was ok to start with and i was looking for something cheap as my first guitar, and i got a schecter 006 deluxe for 35% off with a free case, not great but considerably better than my old samick tele i have gotten alot better this year as well.

So what about you guys?
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Well I started the year with a Slammer by Hamer Strat over the summer I bought my RG and I absolutley love it minus the few problems ive had with the trem. Ive improved alot because I just started lessons a month ago and before I was self taught. Its defintley improved my ability and obviously my sound. The first day I bought it I couldnt put it down all day its still like that to this day I can barely put it down to type all this out.
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I purchased a new guitar and amplifier this year. I picked up the new American Standard Strat and a mint Fender Twin Reverb Reissue. I would have to say I have improved vastly since the purchase. The combination of the guitar and the amp has driven me to play the guitar clean because of such the beautiful tones with this setup. Playing clean is tremendously harder then playing with a bunch of dirt. I have learned new scales, picking techniques and music styles all because of this purchase and the motivation from playing with such a fine instrument and amplifier and the tones they deliver. Best investment I have made in music to date
i got an epi lp standard for 200, and i upgraded it with locking tuners and gibson pups (definitly a good buy) I got a fernandes native guitar for free that i rewired, and i got an alvarez dana electric guitar for 60 that needs just a little work in the floyd. I also got a 1975 peavey classic, which sounds great. my overall playing has improved immensly, and im taking jazz lessons in college now
I've bought several guitars this year. The only ones I've regretted was an Ibanez super strat (which was just plain awful) and an Epi SG copy (turned out to be just too neck-heavy for me to use properly. I didn't realise the SG body would be that slim).

But I've bought a few others that have really improved me. I've gotten much better since I got my Gibson and the other Rally LP copy I have now has vastly helped me improve my knowledge of the mechanics of how guitars work and what contributes to their tone the most, and also it got me more used to not relying on looking at the fretboard so much (since it has fancy inlays in every fret, fret markers don't help).
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yeh o bought a g and l tribute asat classic semi-hollow
it drove me to play more and explore more which improved my playing
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This year, I got 7 new guitars, and I dont regret any of them.
Theyre all different sounds and I play em for different things.
the only reason i regret buying a new guitar is the fact that its not here yet
or should that be

either way, it was supposed to be my gift to myself for working hard all summer, but it was out of stock so ive got another month before i get it. so obviously it hasnt helped improved my playing, but my new amp probably did. when i got it i was playing more and made some improvements. havent had as much playing time this semester though, which has hurt my playing a bit, but every time i get new gear i pick up playing for hours on end again. so im looking forward to that and a light courseload in the new year
Since I just started playing 6 1/2 months ago I would say it has improved my playing

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I got a new Crafter HD24 Acoustic, its pretty good for £100
and a Cort KX5 Electric, both of those guitars have improved my playing vastly, and i got the Cort for £200, and its gone up by £30, so im pretty pleased i saved that.

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I don't regret purchasing my strat at all. As for whether or not it's improved my playing, I'm much better now than I was earlier this year, but that's to be expected over a year, though the longer scale and the traditionally "sticky" maple board may have helped.

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This Year I bought a Gibson SG Special, set me back £420, i bought a case which set me back another £75.

It hasn't improved my playing, nor would i say its significantly better than the Ibanez I've been using for a few years. The reason I bought it was so I had a good excuse to practice more. I've been really busy this year and since i bought the new guitar I've practiced a lot more, plus I love the SG it's ace!
Got an elitist sg yesterday and I have improved dramatically already. It just speaks to me y'know?

Just lets my ideas come out easier.
I went into 2008 with a brand new instrument....I'm leaving 2008 with 2 vintage guitars that I bought in spring and fall and would be hard pressed to buy a brand new guitar now. Love the old stuff, not just guitars now. Looking for an early 80's JCM800 combo. Anyways, guitars far exceeded my expectations so its been great and a definite 'upgrade'
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I bought a Godin LG which I had to be repaired then replaced due to neck problems. I've just got the replacement and have been setting it up the past couple of days. Overall I'm really happy with it, although I'm still getting to know the sounds it can make and the best settings on the amp for it. Also I've restrung with 10s rather than 11s (my usual preference) because they suit it more, so again, getting used to these.

So overall happy yes, improved, not yet
Kind of weird going from a strat neck to an Ibanez wizard (chords are harder for me) but in the end it's all good. You don't see RG520s that much so when I got two of different colors it was sweet.

But... I realized I don't use the trem that much anyway so setting it up every string change was a bitch.
You will certainly enjoy playing more on a better guitar. Also a good guitar is easier to play than a bad one. I think theres nothing wrong with getting a good guitar for your first guitar. A lot of people are against it, but thats b.s . Its like even if you cant drive, you will still enjoy and love a good car. 'tis the same with the guitar.
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When my brother started playing bass, he was adament he would get a decent one that would inspire him to play it more and pick it up.

Not sooner after that he got a Warwick Streamer Standard (none of this Rockbass ****). An absolute beaut.

So yea, the point is if you're sure you're going to commit to it, then get something decent. You'll only flog the cheap piece of **** when you progress anyway.
I started playing in September this year. I hate my guitar and amp and I am upgrading soon.
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I think theres nothing wrong with getting a good guitar for your first guitar. A lot of people are against it, but thats b.s . Its like even if you cant drive, you will still enjoy and love a good car. 'tis the same with the guitar.

Whilst I agree with this, it's important to note that quality isn't the same as price. That applies to both guitars and car

I purchased another electric guitar recently, it wasn't to "upgrade", it was to have another electric guitar to complement my other one. Of course I had buyers remorse immediately after purchasing, but you get that with any purchase over $1000. That quickly went away and I've used it for three gigs so far, and has helped me write songs more fitting of the tone of that specific guitar. It's already got a couple of scratches on the back from my belt but meh - if you don't have scratches and dents on your guitar, you're not a real guitarist.
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I entered this year as just a drummer. Now, i have a bass and a guitar, and i'm loving it!

Drums = Hardcore, anger!
Bass = Fun, groove!
Guitar = Any time of the day, skill, easy on the ears!
Well over the whole year I've got 3 guitars :O

in Jan my jackson which I love to death.

March my ibanez acoustic which is good for how much I payed and considering I don't use it tonnes.

and hopefully by the end of december my Schecter C-7 blackjack atx should arrive

But with the introduction of my jackson, my playing has improved, my improvisation is better and I've gained more theory about chords, scales etc. Also my jazz has improved and my classical is as steady as ever. I finally got sweeping down, and on the whole both hands are as strong as they ever have. I just need more determination to practise harder and learn more whole songs. Bring on next year
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Whenever I get a new guitar I pick it because of the differences I prefer from my other guitars. Even so though it still takes me a while to get used to it. I don't really think the guitar improves your playing much, no matter what your prefrence is. It may be abit easier to play but it doesn't effect your teqnuiqe
Well I got a new amp last december which I will say was this year and I regret it in no way, it has vastly improved my playing, Then I got a dunlop crybaby wah which I never use due to my next piece of equipment, so that could be regret, my Boss me-20 I love it to death it got me to play so much more than I would have without it, plus I got more into jazz band, so my chording and what nt has improved, and I'm about to get a Jaguar HH, and I played that for about an hour at guitar center so that's going to make me want to play, and next year I may just buy miscellanious guitars, Ibanez, dean etc
I started playing the guitar in June this year and now have 3 guitars. After 3 months I upgraded my starter strat clone to a Squier Tele Custom II P90. It was much easier to play and sounded better. I have only just got a MIM standard strat which is also great to play and sounds good to. My next guitar will be a PRS SE Singlecut type of guitar and then I will have enough guitars for most stuff. I will eventually get a half decent accoustic at some point.

I found when I bought a better guitar I improved my playing no end. I can now play alot faster, more accurately and have a much better feel for what I am playing rather than fighting with the guitar. Still takes alot of practice to get better but is much more enjoyable on a better guitar.

I think the key thing with new gear is that it motivates you to play more. I upgraded from my squier strat to a jackson DK2 recently and my playing has improved massively, but I've been practicing much more. The biggest benefit from the new guitar was the nice neck on it compared to the strat probably.
I'we got my first gutar this year
It's a berhinger stratocaster whit a hum-buker and 2 singlecoils
what else would a beginer nead .
And i'dont regreat it not ewen for a second.
It has improved my playing A LOT. But I regret the purchase that I made.
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Carmel is hawt
Bought my x50 in october, best guitar i've ever bought
though the ibanez i bought in march was not so hot
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At first, i kinda regretted buying my LTD M-1000 because i broke it, but i just got it fixed and it plays like a dream, and i really thought i got a good buy with it.
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i brought a vintage v100 tsb, i love the guitar but i have to wait for a new one as the shop sold it to me with a crack in the neck.

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I just bought an ESP Eclipse Paul Landers model and I have to say that I have already noticed improvements in my playing. Not because this guitar just makes me play better (I still love my Ibanez) but a new guitar just inspired me to practice more.

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About two weeks ago, my Synyster Gates White and Gold custom came in. I have found it quite hard to stop playing! I do not regret it a bit, and yes, my playing has improved a lot just in this short time.
I started this year with a Epiphone les paul studio Gothic.
Then about 2 or 3 months ago i bought a Epiphone Zakk Wylde signature model.
It improved my playing because it motivated me too play and it plays/sounds way better than the studio.

I also got myself a new Marshall valvestate 265 yesterday.
Thats also encouraging me to practice
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