Okay, so I'm really starting to get good, and into the guitar, but I noticed a major problem with my guitar today.

I won't have this one for that much longer, but still.

After just playing lightly for several minutes, my strings go out of tune. Not terribly, not even a complete half step most of the time, but enough to alter the sound.

Ive tried everything (Except buying new tuners, which i'm not going to do for a God damned squier. Wouldn't anyway, but especially because i'm building a custom) and it still hasn't stopped. Any advice is appreciated.
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try different strings, i'm pretty sure if you use thicker strings it stays in tune for longer

if im wrong sorry
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If your using the tremelo any that could be the problem. Cheap guitars are notorious for having bad trem's. Are you sure your winding your strings correctly? It could be the tuners, but I'd check everything out real good, before I put new tuners on it. You might blow the money on tuners and find out it was something else. If your tremolo springs aren't tight enough it would cause tuning problems also.