Poll: American Standard strat, American Deluxe strat, or an offshot PRS Mira?
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View poll results: American Standard strat, American Deluxe strat, or an offshot PRS Mira?
American Standard; Genuine, non-tone-sucking single-coils, and the cheapest.
3 50%
American Deluxe; Noiseless pickups and S-1 switching.
1 17%
PRS Mira; PRS + Coil-tap > Fender(only if one of the necks is similar to a Fender C neck)
2 33%
Voters: 6.
Alright, so I intend to buy a US strat once I get a job with a steady income, and after my last topic pointed out to me it was more worth it to just buy a normal American strat than an artist signature, I decided that was probably right, and I have it between two; an American Standard and an American Deluxe. The Deluxe has S-1 swiching and noiseless pickups, but noiseless pickups apparently suck tone, and I'm not paying $200 more for a guitar with less tone?

I was also considering, once I get into that range, leaving my Fender preference behind and getting a PRS Mira. I had a simple question from any Mira owners though; I love my strat's neck, I believe it's a C-shape. Which would be closer to that with a Mira? A wide-thin or a standard neck? Or would both be drastically different and I should stick with the Fender necks I like?

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how many threads?.. anyway, the standard! its cheaper and practically the same

EDIT: hold on, you aleady have a standard strat
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