I am looking for a new guitar for around $500 (AUD) that has the following:

Set neck
Decent looking (:P)
24.75" or smaller scale (i has small hands)
3 way switch (preferably)
Good action (no fret buzz)
HSH Pickup configuration. (preferably)
Everything else should be decent.

I plan on customizing it to have the following:
Floyd Rose® Gotoh GE-1996TCK Tremolo
Seymour Duncan Humbucker APH-1n
Seymour Duncan Humbucker APH-1b
(If HSH Config) Seymour Duncan Strat® Black STK-S4m

I was looking at an Epiphone Les Paul studio (no HSH though). Anyone got other ideas?
My Gear:
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Peavey Vypyr 30
DW Collector's 3 pc drums
Mapex Black panther snare
Sabian AAX/Zildjian K cymbals.