Hey guys,

My main rig is a Laney GH50L into a 4x12, which isn't exactly portable for anything short of gigging. I sometimes use my school's drum room for practices with my band and I don't want to spend 20mins lugging my stack around and then only 40 mins rehearsing.

I'm looking at the following for bedroom practise and for quick band practices where tone isn't too important.

Peavey Nanovalve/valveking Royal 8 + a distortion pedal
Roland Cube 30/Cube 60
Ibanez Valbee (If I can find one)
Laney LC15 + distortion pedal
A used Marshall Valvestate (one of the old ones ala Death and Meshuggah)
Or, if I can get one for really cheap, a Line 6 Spider (Like I said, tone isn't too important)

Any Suggestions/reccomendations
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