Poll: aetherspear vs. Jimmy94
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12 71%
5 29%
Voters: 17.
nice job both of you. aetherspear, brilliant tone, and great playing. Jimmy, funky as hell, i loved it, you got my vote.
"See the Glory Of the Royal Scam"
Well it looks like you've won Aether...

Hit this thread up guys if you'd like me to make the thread again with a longer poll time, I do apologise for that - so if you feel it was unfair or it would make a difference feel free to voice that here.

^Do you mind pointing out where you went wrong?

Quote by Jimmy94
good luck!

I'm pretty sure it was somewhere around here.

Guys you were both great, and it will be a shame if you go out now Jim, but I'm pretty sure you'll duel someone else who lost their first round so you're not out just yet.

Congratulations Aether and Jimmy, you both did a superb job. The poll doesn't really reflect fairly how good they were.