The first 20 seconds or so sounds really cruddy, so please listen past the intro before making a judgement.

This is my song i recorded at my guitar teachers house, it's a bit sloppy but that was because i was nervous about playing it infront of someone for the first time (My guitar tutor) and it was all done in one take. Just so you know, it's not an improv, it's an actual song of mine i made up and have memorized.

Also, i'm sorry it's not an actual video of me playing it, it's just that i couldn't find anyone with a video camera.

ALSO, please bear in mind i have only been playing a year so don't expect anything mind blowingly awesome.
I have been playing for about a year, and I am not that good. I guess having a teacher can help. I have taught myself this entire time.

Awesome song, like one guy in your comment section said, you should make into a whole structured song, unless it was meant to be a straight guitar solo, either way is was great.
Hop over to this site:


You'll probably get more feedback from your song and everyone on their is a wiz at guitar and a heck of a lot better than me.
I hate to dog you but, I hate your tone, its sounds like you have good ideas but you need alot of work and your playing is really sloppy...........sorry

Ps thanks for the crit

You've got me it the shred mood I think im gonna record a shred song today
For playing for one year i personally think this is pretty awesome, maybe im just crazy but do i hear some chords playing behind you? If not put them there cuz the imaginary chords in my mind sound absolutely awesome, and if they are there bring them out a little more it will make this a bit more powerful i think, you'd be surprised at how a good chord progression can really just tear up a solo.

As far as your playing goes once again for a year your doing pretty great, How much theory do you know? Did you do this all by ear or do you know your scales and modes? If you don't know the scales and modes yet start learning them! If you want message me later and I'll tell you a trick my friend showed me for learning them, im not going to spam up your thread with the description.
It's cool, wasn't really my tone lol, i was playing through one of my guitar teachers amp and one of his cheap guitars. As for the playing sloppy part, i totally agree, but that's because i was nervous. Anyway, i'm glad to say i have gotten a lot better since i came up with this song months and months ago. (Took ages for me to get the courage to record it and put it up anywhere)

Anyway man, thanks for your crit. ( and your view count towards my video :P )
That's right, there are some chords played on piano in the background, you're not going crazy lol.

As for my theory and scale/mode knowledge, at the time i came up with this song, which was a few months ago now, i had no theory knowledge and the only scales i knew were the pentatonic and the natural minor (I think it's called the natural minor, it's the same as harmonic minor with one note different) I also knew a few arpeggios.

Now i know all the notes and know my way around the fretboard a bit more so i can find notes on it. I also know the harmonic minor scale now and the phyrgian mode of the harmonic minor.
it sounds really cool but it gets a little boring. if it were put into a regular song it would be awesome though.