Hello,I've been using UG for a while now and love it.

Now I have got My Daughter (9) a gutar for Christmas but She's left handed.Is there a way to get the tabs on here in left handed format.?

I never even tought of that.. EVER!!!

I guess it's the same thing, no? otherwise, just mirror it vertically, just like da vinci's handwriting!
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it's the same. same strings, same frets, same everything. it really doesnt make a difference
its the same ... im lefty, but that is a very good idea!
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no! inverting or reversing or doing anything to the tabs is not a good idea at all!

jsut think about it. i can tell you that 95% of written tabs are in the way we see it now. if you invert them and your daughter gets used to them, she will find it difficult to read normal tabs again.

do you want to be inverting the tabs everytime your daughter wants to learn a song?
Thanks for Your replies,I'll just let her get on with it.

She wont need Me confusing Her.