yo.basically, i've got a marshall 1960a hanging around at home not getting much use.I'm after a new amp, preferably something that isn't too loud, hence why i've been looking at a vox ac15 and laney vc15 combos.
I'm after something that would be suitable for home, such as a small valve combo, but after trying a friends orange tiny terror through my 1960a, i remembered how much i love the sonics of a cab, and the volume seemed within the right boundries for home use.
As i said earlier, i've been looking at an a vox ac15 and laney vc15, simply because they are tube, nice amount of power, and more importantly have external speaker outputs.would running any of these amps through my cab cause any problems?
I have looked at small output heads, but nothing as of yet seems to have tickled my fancy,but would it be more appropriate?
got any ideas?
thanks for your time
as long as the actual speakers are rated for the wattage you are putting through them you are fine. i am not sure but my uneducated guess would be a marshall cab would be rated for at least 100w. but if you are looking at low output you are fine though i would still look.