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Personally for me it has to be 7/8 becuase its really unexpected everybar that it comes around.

and maybe 4/4 but subdivided into odd note groupings

how about you?
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uhm the one where i can play guitar is my favorite...

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My favourite time signature is 12/8....Nice to walk to.
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In 6/8 the notes seem to "bounce" and the music just seems to flow and be more happy. 7/8 on drums is a lot of fun because it gets slightly more technical. 9/8 just drags on forever, so I hate it.

Seriously. Its the time sig for one of the opening riffs in a song of mine
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11/16...coz its pretty inpossible to count at a temp of 120bpm


I like 3/4 and 6/8, something a little more interesting than 4/4, though i know a friend that likes to write in 19/8 which is really really odd
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Hold the phone..... There are other ones apart from 4/4????????

Uh oh

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7/8, 7/4, 5/8, 5/4, 13/8, 9/8. They're the ones I use sometimes other than 4/4 and 3/4.
Besides 4/4

compound time

or 5/4, it is awesome because it kinda drags on, and then explodes back, especially if you hvae it arranged 4/4 for 3 bars, and 5/4 for the last.

My band always gets pissed at me for using odd time signatures though, i just write whatever i hear in my head, and when i try to fit it into 4/4, it just doesn't sound right to me.
7/8, because when you play 16th notes on a floor tom with accents on the first, fourth, and ninth... Simply badass.

Oh, and the "6.5/8" average of Schism

Although when I'm writing songs on piano, sometimes I forgo time signatures altogether and just play, as long as I won't put drums to it later.
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Didnt dream theatre use something like 17/2?

That's really just 8 bars of 4/4 and then a last bar of 2/4

It feels like they do that just because they can...
5/4, 4/4, and 9/8.

Well, those are the time sigs I use the most so therefore my mind must like them
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7/8. It made my drummer's head fall off.

Now I need another one.
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Whatever one I accidentally use whilst playing my music.
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6/8, compound time signitures are nice.
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12/8. Feel the groove.
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