ok so im running a schecter omen extreme through a roland cube 30x and i want to get a sound similar to bloc party, since the amp has a few diff settings like classic stack and metal and whatnot, ive been going through them and i just can't seem to find the right settings for the desired sound.
any ideas? also id like some recommendations for eq settings like the mid/treble/bass etc..
I dont have your amp but I would say you select the classic stack setting, turn down the drive and bass a bit and boost the mid.
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bump... still can't get desired sounds..
id like some eq settings for bloc party sounds + red hot chili peppers sounds.
You can't get every band's sound out of every amp, if you could there'd be no market for £3000 amps and £300 pedals. Bloc Party's sound is pretty heavily processed, you're better off simply playing with the amp until you get something that sounds nice.
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yeah but im still pretty amateur when it comes to customizing sounds and whatnot...
if you could give me a generality of what bloc party eq MAY be then i can take it from there. thanks