i love funk and have started to play funky slap bass riffs but i want to improve.what are some good funk bass progressions to work on?i am not fluent in scales either so if there are some funk scales as well,that would be very usefull.ANY AND ALL HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED.THANK YOU
Check out Primus not their hit songs though as they tend to be less funky.
Do you use a BR-600?
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Funk is often a single chord for the entire song. There aren't any really characteristic progressions.

As for scales, funk doesn't have anything especially characteristic about it. However, it doesn't make a lot of use of exotic scale. Therefore, the major and minor scales, as well as their respective pentatonic scales would be a good start.

Funk is all about the groove. Someone who understands that can be funky with a single note. Anything more is just for fun.
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