I feel it is about time for me to make myself one. I have a small room in my house that i think is perfect to use. Its alittle bit long, but everything should fit pretty well.

What type of equipment should i look into buying for it?

and also i don't plan on living here forever so i want it to be somewhat easy to make a move if necesarry.

For the budget, i just want to try to get the best bang for my buck with this.

This studio will primarily be for everything except for drums so vocals, bass, and guitar.
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Before you start off buying things, keep in mind, that having a home recording studio is like 10 times more expensive than just playing guitar. Let's just say that it's gonna cost you a little bit more than that Line 6 amp you got there
Again, there might be a "best bang for the buck", but it will be a pretty big buck none the less.
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Indeed. Assuming you buy good mics (i.e. SM58) and you buy... four, that would be 400 smackers right there, not counting the mixer, cables, and 8-track.

If I were you I'd just focus on guitar money, unless you really want to get into recording.
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Just buy a multi-track recorder and some mics to see how you/your band sound like. Don't buy anything else. It's just a waste of your time and money.

If you want to make a demo or something find an affordable studio for that. It would be a great deal I promise you.

Edit: You can call this your home studio(then you wont need the recorder and mics)
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