Just got a new VHT Pitbull Utra Lead Head. Sounds pretty good, not as heavy sounding as I expected for something called a "Pitbull." I kept seeing one at Guitar Center and nobody would buy it, becuase not many people had any experience with VHT heads including myself, so I thought I'd try it. More pics and clips soon. I'll post an actual review later today after I've screwed around with it more.

How dry sounding is it?
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It's actually not dry at all. Very good tone. I run it with a Gibson LP Studio and it sounds great.
not heavy? really? Unearth, Mudvayne and ISIS all use the UL heads and they get pretty low end intense crunch. Hmm...what cab are you running with it and what tubes? Either way, really nice buy. VHT makes really good amps and cabs.
Is that the CL100watter. If so you might want to consider a used Diezel, Bogner, Splawn, Mako, Peters. I've never been impressed by VHT, not only do all of their amps sound they same, they sound like hot rodded Rectos. Sure, VHT's are good, but I feel as though they should be about 60% of their price.
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Yeah, they cost more than they're worth, but they are nice. And to RG FanMan, I'm running it through a Marshall 1960A Cab, just 'cause it was on sale on MusiciansFriend =P and I'm using the stock tubes. 5 12AX7's, 1 12AT7, and 4 6550's.
Nice buy...

I've been kicking around the idea of getting a Deliverance head for a while now... looking forward to your review.
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the 1960s more than likely the problem. VHTs through matching cabs or recto cabs sound GODLY but a Marshall cab doesn't flatter the sound and makes it a bit meh. The tubes definitley aren't the problem though ,so it's definitely the cab. also, are you turning it up really loud?
Sometimes I turn it up, and sometimes no. It just depends. I think my electronics may be a cause. I'm running this thing through 2 Marshall cabs, a Pre-Amp, 4 Rack EQ's, a Sig Simulator, a pedalboard with 14(I think) pedals, into a Mackie PA System, and then into my computer to record.
run it straight into the two cabs, no fx, then try it with the pedalboard, then through everything else. VHT's dont need an extra pre or a rack eq with it. i've got no clue what a sig simulator is so can't help there. but try it just guitar > amp first and see how it sounds.
I will. First time I've unplugged everything in a year or so too, so this is a good chance to make sure everything's wired nicely. Thanks for the help.
excellent! i like vhts...

not too fond of the prices over here in the UK, though.
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I love my UL and deliverance. Here's a tip though, run the master at about 3:00 then set your channel volumes to taste it sounds much better than running the master low and channels high. I also thought it sounded better going through a VHT cab than the Mesa cab I was running it through
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ha ill trade you for my laney vh100r lol.

im sure itll sound better as you figure it out
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