If I record a track using Adobe Audition 3.0, and then either play it back or record another track on top of it, I keep getting skips and these weird pitch changes that make it sound like it's being played back through one of those alien voice modifiers. It barely audible as music after the first couple seconds, and the skipping makes it impossible to record a lead over a rhythm track. How might I fix this?

Pat_s1EDIT: Btw, if it matters any, I use a Sigmatel Audio driver to record, not an ASIO, with a 44100hz sample rate and a 2048 buffer size.
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What are the specs of the PC you're using? Sounds like the PC is having a hard time keeping up.
1 gig of ram is plenty for doing single and even stereo tracks. What other software is running on the system at the same time? What virus checker do you have? Any messaging software (AOL, Yahoo, etc?). Any P2P file sharing software? Lots of things can cause that problem