Hey im interested in recording vids for youtube, will a camcorder be ok? if so which camcorder is good? Im just wondering whether the sound will be any good, i know i could use a line6 for sound but i want a cheap camcorder which is good for sound aswell.
The key word here is cheap. Rarely, if ever, is anything cheap going to be anything good. How do you suppose someone can make something cheap? They do it by cutting corners and skimping on quality. Ever played a $200 guitar and then picked up a $3000 one? The difference will almost take away your breath. Same with a camcorder - use a $300 one and then check out a high-end model costing 10 times as much. The cheapie may not even have an external mic input, whereas the more expensive one might have an XLR jack. Fact is, you're not going to get superb audio from the built-in mic of most camcorders. You can improve the audio by using an external mic, but that's only going to get you so far. Ideally, you'd use a digital camcorder to shoot the video, then download that to your computer, where you'd overdub a high quality soundtrack recorded during another session. That's how music videos are made.