I have a LP style guitar made by Vintage. I am having trouble with just the 20th fret itself, whenever i bend the b,g,d strings, it seems to jump to a really high pitch. Sounds like a bird calling lol. And they sound dead ish when playing them normal. it sounds awful, I don't really know what's causing it? Would rasing the action help?

I'll try to upload a audio file.
raising the action may help, a truss rod adjustment may help, but you will then need to re set your intonation.

in short, take your guitar to the shop and get a set up.
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iv had the same problems with high frets sounding dead on playing , and no use for tapping . i tried changing the strings and raising the action but it doesnt help so if someone has an answer it wud help!
if the 20th fret is lower than the 21st or the 22nd etc, it will sound dead, a set up may help, maybe even a fret job (recapping).
"Swords, nature's hell sticks."- Trip Fisk
Sounds like one of the frets is too high, it's a relatively common problem with cheap guitars...it needs to go to a tech for a fret dress.
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