I have a tune-a-matic bridge on my G-400.

I'm constantly breaking 9's and 10's. Is there any simple way
to fix this prob? I will purchase a new one if I need to.

11's are okay, but I don't like the sound of my unison bends.

I have a few other guitars and I never break 9's.
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Check the grooves on the saddles, they might have sharp edges so just get a needle file and smooth them out a little.

Also check the breaking angle over the bridge as the strings go down to the stop bar. If its too much, that can cause string breakage so just screw the stop tail posts out a touch so it higher.
It sounds like you have got either a sharp edge somewhere or there may be a manufacturing problems. You should check where the strings break. The other things making the strings break may be:
1: The Tune-O-Matic has been positioned too far from the nut. (Not so likely)
2: The strings have been defect. How many strings have you broken?
3: Gods will.

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Did they all break at the bridge saddle?

You could try breaking up some pencil lead and rubbing it into the string slot for extra lubrication, but it might not help for long if it is a sharp edge.

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The Tune-O-Matic has been positioned too far from the nut. (Not so likely)

Thanks, that made me laugh!
For the breaking strings, go with what everyone else has said. For the unison bends, it could be possible that your guitar needs intonating or something. I'm not an expert on the subject, if someone could explain or give a better reason, then that'd be great.
i have the same problem on my les paul, granted i play it really hard, but still... i'm looking into graph-tech saddles for it, they're like 22 bucks ordered online from guitar center and they supposedly make it so you don't break em anymore
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