Hey guys, when I get the money I'm thinking about put new pickups in my MIM Strat. I still have the stock ones so I'd like to get those out of here. I'd say my budget is a little over $200. On the strat I normally play blues, classic rock, and a little heavy rock/punk. I was looking at Seymour Duncans, tell me what you guys think!
whats ur amp?
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get EMGs. they have a reputation for metal but with the SA set(for strat) its works great with anything
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ive got sd hot rails in bridge, theyre good but they have quite a high midrange response
Well for metal and shred I have an EC-500 w/ EMGs so I was kinda leaning away from those. Just wanted something more bluesy for the strat.
I'm going to be putting a DiMarzio HS-2 in the neck of my Strat soon. Probably throwing a Hot Rails in the bridge. I don't really know of many good single coil sized humbuckers, so that's why I'm settling with that.

EDIT: I think DiMarzio might be the best bet. I don't really know too much about pickups, but every guitar I've tried with them sounds pretty good. I especially liked the YJM Strat, even though I had to play it upside down...
Seymour duncan rails, Hot in the bridge, cool in the neck

and a dimarzio YJM in the middle
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I'd go for a 60s style true single coil (ie not stacked humbuckers like YJMs etc) set for cleanish blues or an overwound 'tex-mex' set for dirtier stuff.
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