Hey guys,
I wanna start a riff library and record a bunch of my riffs and someone recommended the line 6 toneport ux1. Its only 90$ and has a ton of amps and cabs as well as effects to mess around with. You can also buy a high gain amp expansion and i heard those are killer and the quality of the recording is really good.

Its kind of hard to imagine but i think its a little too good to be true that for 100 or so bucks i can play through high gain amps (Through my computer speakers) and record with high gain amps at good quality.

Can anyone elaborate, throw in some advice or anything?

Thanks a lot.
i have the ux1 and it sounds better than my roland 15 cube. The distortion isn't really good the cleans are nice . but i have a crappy guitar so maybe thats why distortion isn't very good( 3 crappy single coil pickups)
Distortion is actually good, just not great. Don't expect to be wowed. Still a great interface for the money though, and apparently comes with decent software.
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