Also, why?

Everyone likes Cuba for vacations. Nice beach and all
Argentina is wonderful. We have big cities, mountains, deserts, lakes, ice, snow, indians. Everything.
Spain is amazing too. USA obviously too.


EDIT: /thread, people who have been there will know why.
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Also, why?

Everyone likes Cuba for vacations. Nice beach and all

Cuba is pretty sweet. But you'll have to go through Mexico or Canada first. Amazingly nice people, too. And everything is super, super cheap.

Edit: You can also buy a live goat for roughly 40 US dollars.
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EDIT: /thread, people who have been there will know why.

i've been there. why?
it's a really nice country, and the legal drinking age is 16, like it should be.
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


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India when it isn't getting shot up by terrorists.

And I don't mean Goa, Delhi or Mumbai. You want to head North into the mountains. Much better environment, and cheaper. It'll cost you about £3 to eat a day at decent restaurants 3 times a day, with money left over for snackage.
France/Venice/Tibet/Japan/Vietnam/other. It depends on what you plan to do/see.
Australia. We really need a boost in tourism after the movie flopped and failed to deliver.
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Awesome place, really great people.
Also, go to India, they have great hotels.

wow that was low.
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EDIT: /thread, people who have been there will know why.


Spain. its beautiful and so are the women
come to Scotland, I think we are honestly an understated country when it comes to going here as a vacation. We have so many old castles and historical landmarks. And the loch ness monster......
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I have always wanted to go to both England and Canada. I used to want to go to America, but after meeting my fair share of arrogant yanks, I'm not convinced it would be as fantastic as I expect it to be. Plus, I'm not sure about the gangs and stuff.

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Venezuela, beautiful beaches, women, mountains colonial towns, the best rum in the world, and overall fun. this country is nothing like you see in the media, really

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