Hey everybody, my Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany seems to have a problem with its rhythm humbucker. Everytime Iplay with the treble and I switch to the rhythm it can lose its signal and nothing comes out of the amp. So can anyone tell me what's going on?
loose wire most likely. if you can take the switch out and look at the solder joints i'd do that to make sure everything's connected.
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hate to be Captain Obvious but is the volume on your neck pickup turned up?

since it's an LP I assume it has four knobs
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Solder joints are the point where solder bonds, in this case, wire to terminal. This solder joint is going to be on the back side of your switch, or maybe on the back of your volume knob. Your problem sound like a quick fix, no worry beef curry. If you don't have soldering supplies then your friends might.
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ok but isnt soldering going to need welding stuff too?

nope just soldering iron and solder
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ok so should I get a soldering fume extractor?

Most likely you'll only need to re-melt the solder that is already on the contact and make sure the wire is making good contact.

Soldering is not difficult but it can be frustrating if you've never done it before.
If you're unsure about, see if a friend knows how or, better yet, can show you.
You may need the skill again in the future.

If I had never learned to solder, I'd still be playing with crappy stock pickups in most of my guitars.
It can also save you tons on instrument cables.
Repairing old ones is a lot cheaper than buying new.
I had a similar issue with my first Les Paul (The Paul II) and it was actually a faulty pickup switch (the switch that changes from bridge to neck pickup or both). I replaced it and it's been fine ever since.