hey guys im asking for an accoustic for christmas i play electric mostly (4 years) but i just thought it would be cool to have a cheap accoustic i can play when im bored and my parents dont want loud music being played. so i had two questions.

1: Should i ask for a seagull s6? (400$) ive heard great things but i was thinking maybe it wud be better to get a cheaper takamine or yamaha that sounds almost as good?

2: if i go accoustic electric, will it sound good plugged into a fender deville tube amp?

1. Yes, I've heard good things about it too, look around a bit more, look for reviews on it. if most of them are good, go for it.

2. Electric acoustics are just like electrics, if normal electrics sound good on it, so will the acoustic.
Oh, that is a nice one! I was going to recommend one electric acoustic that my friend has, but i totally forgot the maker and model.

Yeah, id go with the one you just showed me, it looks well crafted and siccccccck!
Try a yamaha apx 500/700 they are pretty good from what ive heard and they look gorgeous
Why would you want an acoustic electric if you wanted an acoustic to be quieter? The thought that an acoustic electric will sound good through an amp because an electric will sound good isn't really true. Acoustic electrics aren't "just like electrics". You don't see too many acoustic tube amps do you?
Ive got an ibanez, and it a pretty good guitar. Id go with a Takamine though, best guitar for the price IMO.