Right, I'm purchasing a Shure Sm57 here shortly, and I'm looking for a stand and cable, preferably not more than $50 altogether, but I can make some adjustments if necessary. I'll be doing just home recordings, no live performances. What are some good ones? And, do stands or mics generally come with mic clips, or do they have to be bought separately, or are they even needed? I'm a newb when it comes to this stuff.

The SM57 comes with a mic clip and you do need a clip to hold the mic (or you could make one?). To me a stand is a stand. I have a Stagg one for home recording - it holds the mic where it needs to be held and is pretty sturdy and was fairly cheap.
Get the XLR cable from Monoprice (well-built and cheap) and a telescoping stand from Sweetwater (free shipping). Chances are it won't even be $40 total, including the shipping.
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