I live in Connecticut and there's this place toad's place that I want my band to play at. I know they let unsigned bands play I just don't know how to get a show. Any ideas on how to get this gig would be appreciated.
Well... How long have you been playing? (as a band) And is it a big kinda well known venue and how well known, tight is you band?
definately try going in & talking to the manager that usually works & if not yeh try email/write
i send a message like this to any club i want to play at:

Our band is named MAKEshift, we're from tampa/tarpon and have been around for about 2 years playing punk/alternative music. We're a 4 piece band of highschoolers. We just finished self-recording an EP and are waiting to make copies to release it, but some of our old stuff is on our myspace. (it was recorded really crappily and with an old drummer)- we've come a long way since that was recorded needless to say.

so anyways, we're looking to play a show or two at your venue whenever you can book us. If you need any more info just let me know, my name is Patrick and my phone number is PHONE NUMBER HERE.


that above message landed us a gig december 27th...

just make a message like that and you're set
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call, ask who you need to talk to about booking, and any information they want to know about you. either have it and answer them, or make a little package for em and get it back to them.

or see if they do open mics ever. play one and then talk to them about longer sets, etc. thats how my band got our first group of shows.
I also live in CT and would like to play at toads once we cut our demo
They like to see a press kit, a demo, and have formal info about the band, than you might be able to get onto one of their local band nights.