Hi there, i recently purchased a vintage V8 and everything was fine until i changed the strings. I thought i correctly changed them but now whenever i pull the tremelo backwards it doesnt return to its original position meaning i cannot use it without it appearing out of tune. Does anybody know a fix to this or if it would be wise to take it to my local guitar shop?
Did you put the same thickness of strings back on?? different tension in strings can mean someone has to tweak your floyd rose again
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i put a thinner gauge on.

well duh... change the tension of the springs. i hope you can shred well to save yourself from that question
why do you have to be sarcastic? im new to guitar and was hoping people would help me and not be sarcastic, can anyone tell me how to change the spring tension?
If you are a beginner, you are better of if someone else does it for you. So change your strings back to the gauge you had before or bring your guitar to someone who can fix it.

And people the guy just wants some help, if you haven't got anything useful to say just shut up.
thanks antis0cial. I think ill take my guitar to a guitar shop so they can do it properly for me
if your brand new strings are going out of tune when you use your floyd, that's quite normal. brand new strings tend to stretch out. so mostly they will go flat.