Been using Sennheiser CX300's for a while but they are now falling apart.

So what should I get? (listed cheapest to dearest - ranges from £40 - £65)

Sennheiser CX500
Goldring GX200
Shure E2c
Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 3
Something else?
skullcandys. like above.

i got the inner-earbuds forrrrr £22 and theres like a billion colours you can choose from
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I have Sony behind the ears and I got them for $15 bucks at best buy... they're just fine, don't know why you want expensive ones..
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why would you buy skullcandys?
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get Grado SR-80s
they are some serious headphones

bah, earbuds suck
I dont have any and wont ever buy them so whatever
go for in ear as they block outside noise, which means you dont have to go as loud to drown out ur surroundings so you dont go deaf!!!