Alright heres my case and first of all, this forum shall be and remain B.C RICH HATER FREE!, thank you. Now im 15 years old and just starting a thrashy metal band and me thinks its time for a new guitar. I have a B.C Rich Virgin which I love but I just want something more and a red mockingbird masterpiece seems to fit the deal. Im just wondering if anyone has had any bad experinces with this guitar. It will be running through a 30 watt vox valvetronix XL and metal zone pedal. Thanks you all.
you shouldnt really use a distortion pedal with a modeling amp,,,
idk lower end b.c. richs arent too good to be honest...
If you really want a rich, go used, play some out at a store, i wouldnt order one.
and i dont hate b.c. richs, im getting one for x mas(which is used, and i tried it out at the store, liked it better than the xiphos, the c-1, and other guitars you would expect to be much better).
im a bc rich fanatic and yeah i mockingbird is good i used to own one awhile back but sold it for money to pay off fines... another good guitar would be the Ironbird and Bich...just depends on what kind of sound your looking for
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You'd probably be better off getting one of the ironbirds. While the Mockingbird rules, the masterpiece one is lacking terribly. It's made out of agathis and has a $400 tag. The ironbird looks just as awesome, but with a basswood body and a more sensible $300 tag.
Well that mockingbird is 800 bucks where I am and can get it used for 400 with case so. The guitar I have now is agathis and does me well, I just want a change.
Well, I think you should get a new amp first. The Vox is very nice but you could really do with something more toneful and responsive, namely an all tube amp. A Bugera will give you great high gain tone out of the box and a Valveking will sound awesome after a speaker change and perhaps some modifications, as well as responding pretty well to your distortion pedal.

As for your guitar, I agree that the Masterpiece would be pretty crap. Besides, if you already have a BC Rich, there's no point getting another one. Second guitars are usually there to offer things your main squeeze can't. I.E., besides my prized (heavily modded) JS100, I have a Squier Telecaster which is also going under the knife soon. I'm not missing out on much. I mean, where would I go for my twang if I just had another Ibanez? If you must have a Mockingbird, the Special or Special X are better than the Masterpiece.
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Well that mockingbird is 800 bucks where I am and can get it used for 400 with case so. The guitar I have now is agathis and does me well, I just want a change.

Musician's Friend is an American-based website, where prices are often under MRSP. The TS is probably in a country where taxes and/or low-standing currency add a couple of hundred bucks to a guitar.

You need a new amp before a new guitar noob. Vox is a horrible choice for a 'thrashy' band.
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Might want to put in some more detail, yes I know this isn't great quality but it is what i think im looking for. I mean it has nice looks decent specs and while it may be bolt on and made of agathis it just makes me not as scared to take it gigging or bang it around a bit. All I want is a bit of a change from my B.C and im seeing if anyone has had any serious trouble with this thing.
The Masterpeice in not a bad guitar actually but will need a better set of pups IMHO. The special does have better pups and a neckthru but at about $300.00 more. If you haven't modded your Virgin and like it go for the less expensive one. Look at used ones though I got my Neck thru NJ Mocking bird with Duncans for $280.00 at my Guitar Center and it is in brandnew condition. I have two guitar that I thing are the best two guitars I own and that is one of them. It's so good it almost plays itself! LOL I haven't played thru many Vox amps but i thought the ones I played thru were OK but you might want to upgrade that if your out gigging.

$400.00 used with the case still sounds a bit much.

That still seems like a lot for Canada is that in US or Cnd $$. If your close to the US it might be worth a road trip to the states and save some dough if the exchange rate doesn't kill you!