Does the ad30 have a clean clean sound? I'm really curious about this amp, and I can't try one out til later this week (if the store has one). I play a wide variety of mainly modern rock. I'm looking for a great clean tone that can get a little dirty when i need it to. I have a blackstar ht dual to get the heavier gain distortion I need. I also know that this amp doesn't have an effects loop, so can it handle effects well? The only effects that I'll be running that would go through the effects loop are delay, phase, and tremolo. I pretty much ruled out the rocker 30 because I like being able to eq my clean channel on an amp.

Yeah so I was getting that blackstar ht dual for Christmas and I told my mom to return it cause I figure if I'm getting a new amp I should get one with good gain. So that opens up the option of the rocker 30.
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dont worry about the lack of eq on the rocker The tone itself is great. just use your guitar Dont worry about the lack of fx loop either, how do you think the old guys managed to get the sounds we all strive for?:P really I run all my fx's in front of the amp, as my map doesnt have a loop either, and it's super. The orange's are really nice amps, and will take pedals well. I suggest you get a verb for it too and as for the clean sounds, they are great, though imo a bit tame. Bit of chorus and some echo will send it into sweet sweeet tones though But please dont use that ht pedal on it. Those things are noisy as hell, and the amps overdrive is so much better. should you need more throw a booster on it
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