Alright, I am looking to get a new bass with some of my Christmas and birthday money put together. I was looking at the MIM P bass and Jazz bass. But then i saw the Ibanez Artcore. I love the look of it simply because i like "old" looking guitars and basses. I looked at some reveiws and it seems good but I wanted some more opinions on it because it will be the only bass i get for at least 2 years. I was also wondering if I should just go with one of the mim fenders. Or if anyone else knows of a good bass in the same price range that has that "vintage" look to it please show me. 500 is the most i can spend and i play classic rock, rock, and metal.
Heres a link:
I'd find one from a couple of years ago on ebay and get a full scale neck.
ive got an artcore AGB200 i think it is, got a short scale neck on its really nice to play, gets quite a few commenst at gigs, really is a good looking thing.
Ive had 3 band active bartollini pickups put in though. Got a really nice tone now.
Make sure you get a hard case for it though, they dont fit in anything other than the ibanez ones.
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