Anyone own or have played any of the epiphone acoustic-electrics for under $300 and can tell me anything about them.
trust me. they arent anything to brag about.

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One of my friends has a epi hummingbird...Its not horrible but its definitely not good either. On the other hand i've played quite a few epi masterbilts and they are fantastic!
i own two (dr-200ce and pr-5e) and they are really not bad for the price especially with the upgraded electronics they just put on all of them.
the pr-5e is especially cool, its top is laminate (i think) but the bracing is hand scalloped which is something you'd be hard pressed to find at that price for any other manufacturer if your budget is 300 epi is def. the wa y to go ( :

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I can second the DR-200CE as a decent starter/cheap guitar. It's not the best but it's certainly a step up from the $99 dollar offerings from Epiphone, Yamaha, etc.
low end epiphones are ... just dont bother finding a good one, the masterbilts are the only acoustic worth looking at (along with elitist but that is discontinued ><")
if you can find one be sure to try DR-500! the price shouldnt be much higher than the DR200, but the price of DR500 is higher than $300. no harm trying though, you might like it so much that you save up a while longer to get the 500

but hey, yamahas are very very good for the price also!

but one thing, if you are getting an AE under 300, you would sacrifice both the quality of the guitar AND the electronic cuz the costs splits between them. do you really really need the electronic?

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