Can't decide which one of the two. I have an Epi Les Paul Custom Black Beauty that I play through a Marshall tsl 60. Anybody know the major differences between the two pickups

Seymour Duncan Sh-4 JB or Seymour Duncan Sh-5 Custom?

what kind of music are you playing? can you give a couple genres and different artists who's tone you admire?
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JB SH-4's sound like sex.

I know nothing about th SH-5's though...who play's em?
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In that case, neither. I'd rather look at the SH-1 (also known as the '59). The JB is a popular choice for LPs, but personally I find it too trebly for guitars with maple caps. Besides, you won't need it's high output for the music you are playing.
The SH-5 is best for distorted stuff, the sound is pretty much balls to the wall. I think it's downright inferior to an SH-1 for the music you're playing, just like the JB.

See if you can try the SH-1, it's often used as a stock pickup so that should be no problem. The DiMarzio PAF Pro is worth a look, too.

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I know nothing about th SH-5's though...who play's em?

A friend of mine has it in her LP. One of my favourite Duncans so far, got a pretty agressive sound. It can do classic rock if it must, but it's best for modern rock and metal. The cleans are not so good.
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