I'm still something of a beginner, but I've finally built up thick callouses on my fingers and I can play very basic, simple songs quite fast now with little or no error. I'd like to start playing entire songs that I've heard at least somewhere before that are appropriate for people at my skill level. Any suggestions? Thanks.
what type of music do you like and what songs can you play already?
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if youre doing something like fingerpicking, do blackbird. thats one of the first songs i learned
john lennon songs

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Iron Man and Smoke on the Water. Those were everyone's first song.

Than I mustn't be everyone.

Anyway, try stairway to heaven, excluding the solo. More daring, include the solo. Its really easy.
Almost anything Green Day, especially their older stuff. Dookie is full of songs that have simple riffs and solo's.

BTW, the first song I learned excluding the solo was Enter Sandman. Guess that excludes me from the Iron Man and SotW bandwagon.
no one ever learns all of smoke on the water or Iron man, just the intro riffs.
I would recommend some Jack Johnson songs, there easy to play, help you chord wise, and drive chicks up the wall if you can sing them.
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I think Armagedden It by Def Leppard is a great song to learn if you like the song. What I like about it is that it uses a bunch of different techniques, but none of them are that hard. The intro riff is played with bare fingers, then the next riff is a simple pattern with a lot of palm muted low e chugging. There are some powerchords, and some arpeggios in the song. There's even a bar chord thrown in. It helps you learn a lot of different techniques, but none of them are overly difficult. Plus, the constant changes help keep the song from getting boring as you learn it.