hey ug
my amp just today started crackling
i used both my guitars and all of my cables with my amp and i messed around with the settings...i havent done anything to my amp accept play my guitar on it so really i just touched the low, high, medium, and on button so im stumped... also other problem this amp is like 4 feet tall and was my uncles and it was a gift to me and it will look really bad if i break his 700$ amp
If it's crackling with the input cables disconnected, then it could be a dirty control pot, or arcing. Arcing is usually caused by a tube going bad. A dirty control pot, such as a volume, drive, EQ pot usually only happens in older amps. Both problems are repairable.
My amp's like that too, seems to be getting worse.

It's not a tube amp though.
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are you playing near anything electrical? when im sitting with my guitar next to a computer it crackles a little bit. KG6 is probabaly right, but thought i would give you another possibility.
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