First off, i would like to know how it sounds without and upgrading to it at all. Then i would like to know what P-90s would sound like on it, or if you think any other pickups would soung better. Also i was looking at the custom ex that has emgs on it. would that be better?
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I have the g-400 1966 reissue. I have not upgraded anything (unless you count the strings...) and it sound good thgough a good amp, and it sounds not so good on a not so good amp. idk how it would sound with a p90, but it also will depend on the amp...
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p-90s are the best pickups you could put in an SG IMO.
i've played one alone, and it really sounds however you want it sound..
and EMGs are extremely different than p-90s
EMGs=Metal/hard rock
P-90s-any genre, best with all types of rock, blues, but can do metal quite well too.
P-90s are way more versatile.
and your not going to notice any pickup swap with that crate..your sound is at least 75% your amp.
so new amp before you think about your guitar
Ive got an epiphone G400 with two P90's on it and it sounds amazing.. has a really awesome rock / metal sound.
Sounds like a good plan to me.Maybe you should buy the guitar,then an amp,then upgrade the pick-ups if you feel it needs it.
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I've got a G-400 as well. I love it, and am completely satisfied with the sound. It's excellent for the price.