War breaks out
between two sides
the outcome looks bleak
for all involved
weapons are drawn
shots are fired
whats the ideal
on which this war was inspired
All you can see on the surface
is hatred burning in the eyes of your king
Who will be crowned victorious
who will be damned defeated
you are the man
fighting for your life
**** everyone else
Survival is your priority
stick your sword in and out
of people you'll never know
a farmer, a smith, a husband
Just don't be a hero (X3)
for the hero is crowned king
and you will surely fail
battle rages on
many have fallen
the sound of people dying
and the shrieks of the dead
are distracting you
stick to the plan
assassinate the king
and keep your head in the game
don't let rage set in
you have killed more than you intended to
(verse 3)
war is on the rise
thousands have fallen victim
to a sword or arrow
you stand tall and fight through
the pain and suffering
that has befallen you
you have marked your target
and will not stop until
thousands have been avenged
you haved killed your mark
and become the hero
coveted by many
you become the new king
you have so much to do
to bring peace to your kingdom
it will never happen
peace is a dream
not a reality

Constructive critism only thank you