Anyone know a good metal song with some fast thrash type rhythm
Just so you know where I'm at w/ my playing I just learned all nightmare long by metallica in like 2 hours.
I've been playing for 8 months now and I want to learn some more fun rhythm playing like ANL.
try "hangar 18" by megadeth. or "tornado of souls" by megadeth.
both pretty challenging songs with thrash riffs.
pretty sure u cant learn them in two hours.
The Wonder Joints.
i like Master of Puppets, Disposable Heroes, Damage inc., heck, anything form Kill em all, Ride the lightning and master of puppets
Trapped Under Ice - Metallica
Phantom Lord - Metallica
Apocalyptic City - Testament

Eh that's all I got right now.
Sail upon the open skies
any metallica songs before the Black album...

Angel of Death by Slayer

but even so u might be able to learn those in two hours...lol

try some Lamb of God...not really thrash but they have some of the best rhyythm work out there...
i need a bishop preaching fire to get away with my sins...i despise everything i see so i dont give a fuck if ya HATE ME!
I hadn't really learned a song like that until today
I really got into it
Anyway thanks for the suggestions