its only one track up on the space and its Run, the Leona Lewis Snow Patrol cover thing. This is sung by Vocalist of our band Holly Shaverdi, and guitars done by guitarist Jamie Donnelly


Felt a bit empty to me, whether it needed bass/drums to bring it together or something. I wasnt too keen on your vocalists vibrato, seemed quite forced and unnatural, as if thats all she was thinking about when she was hitting the notes. The guitarists strumming didnt really match the emotion of the song, strumming how he/she wanted to strum rather than focusing on the song itself. Dont get me wrong, far better than some of the stuff on here, but just a bit empty for me.
I thought it was really good, Great vocals and the guitar had some energy to it. I'm not a fan of leona's version though. Overall very good.

Check out my crappy cover if ya get the chance...

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