the age old question of how many watts. im a bass player in a band im looking for new amp(combo or stack). im looking for an amp thats is cheap yet has enough power so what i want to know is how many watts would be suttable for small to medium gigs?
price range?

i'd get a ashdown combo if i were you, wait, i already did buy one and they're sick.
check the ashdown MAG series
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If you are getting mic'd as long as it sounds good you should be ok. without mic I do not suggest below 150 for small gigs(that's like bar sized without bar volume) and don't go below about 300 otherwise. I use 225 watts but that's tube and not solid state. So using the equation that i've heard that a tube amp will be about 2-3 times as loud as it's SS counterpart I'm running about 450-675W SS volume. It's PLENTY loud. no mics needed with my 2 4x10's
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Depends on the cab. If it's like a 112 or some other small cab, 200 or so should give you adequate stage volume. If you've got a bigger cab like a 115 or a 410, you can get by with 120 or so easily.
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I say a ~300W combo of any sort should work just fine. I gig with a 350W 212 setup, leaving my 115 at home because I can't be bothered. Hopefully after the holidays I'll have a 212 that makes my amp run at 600W.
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