I saw an ad in my local paper for one of these for $100. If i remember correctly these sell new for about $500. I haven't went and played it yet but i will be in the next week or so. The dude won't send me any pics or i would have posted some. Would this be a good deal or should i haggle for less?
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if he isn't sending pics presume it doesn't exist
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if he isn't sending pics presume it doesn't exist

well that isn't entirely true, he's offered to send them to my cell phone because he doesn't have a camera, but i didn't really want to give some random stranger my cell phone number. he could come and try to touch my naughty parts when i sleep at night.
Slap a bass, not a ho.
Or it may be an utter piece of crap, therefore making phone pics the only acceptable option. If you play it and it's in good condition, get it.
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Check it out before you buy it. If it's in good condition, it's a steal.
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