Is it possible to mod the amp so other modes/buttons are footswitchable? For instance, could I souder a 1 1/4" connection to allow a footswitch to change between turning the scoop button or the deep bass button on and off?

Thanks in advance.
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i have the DSL 50 (basically the exact same amp)... i asked this years ago on the forums, and was told that, unfortunately, it's not possible. i can't remember the technical explanation, but I couldn't get any info that supported the idea of this being possible.
hum....I would say no too, but check again. You would basically have to be able to tap into the chip that creates that sound and add a circuit in. Is it footswitchable from preset to preset? You might be able to find a work around, but my guess is it would be to expensive otherwise. Modding wise.