Hey everyone. I just bought a Zakk Wylde signature wah pedal, and am experiencing one huge problem when I plug it in. When the pedal is turned on and in it's forward position, I can hear white noise and music coming out of the amp. It's the strangest thing. Has anyone had this problem before? How can I fix it?
I have the same problem when i put high distortion on. What i recommend is trying different settings for gain and wah by turning the knobs on the side or you can just move your guitar playing area to a different spot in the house. I moved mine up to my room and now i have no interference with radio frequencies.
Do you live close to a radio transmitter? I'm not talking about the studio, but the tall antenna tower. RFI, or Radio Frequency Interference, is getting into your signal chain somehow. More than likely, the ZW isn't shielded all that well and so it's allowing the AM or FM signal from a local station to seep in. You can try better cables, moving it to a different location or trying a different wah. If you were handy with a soldering iron, I'd recommend installing a capacitor on the input power.
Cool, thanks guys. It works fine in my basement, the only problem is I record and use acoustica mixcraft as my effects "pedal". I'll try new cables because I did notice that of the two I have, one of them really reduced the noise.

you seriously were playing guitar and all of a sudden ****in coldplay starts coming out of your wah pedal?...
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Not really like that hahaha.
I started playing on clean and then I thought "hmm let's try cranking up the gain". I did that and then turned on the wah pedal again, put it in the treble position, stopped playing for a few seconds and started hearing white noise, and what sounded like music behind that. It came out of my amp though not the wah lol.