i wanna give my guitar a general clean up and stuuf what kinds of stuff should i use , what should i do
what guitar do you have, and what amp do you have, and how much do you have to spend?
for your guitar just wipe it off and polish it, i use dunlop formula 65 and it works great. and if your changing your strings go ahead and clean your fret board. i use big bends fret board juice conditioner and apply it with a sock since it stains.
A good old trick is to get some kitchen roll and cooking oil. Wood based oil is best but thats often not handily just sat in the cupboard. Dampen the kitchen roll in a small amount of oil and work the fretboard with it, removing any crud and keeping the board from becoming horribly dry and brittle.

Wait for a few minutes then remove all the excess oil.

WD-40 the hardware metal (if you can be arsed..I never can).

If you have a gloss finished instrument (not sure about nitro finishes!) you can dust it off and clean her up good with furniture polish.

Take all this with a pinch of DIY salt. None of these are the BEST methods of doing it. But they are the cheapest, give good results and require the least effort to acquire everything.
fender instrument polish,fender micro cloth cleaing thing rag,some fret board oil or what willieturnip said for the fret board.
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