Hey, I've been playing bass on a borrowed P-Bass from Squier, and was thinking about getting my own bass so that I can return the borrowed one.

I narrowed my choice down to an ESP LDT B-50.

Just wondering if it's a good, solid bass to start off with.

Any advice on how it sounds, how it plays, or a suggestion on a different bass would be appreciated

Thanks in advance.
i played one esp and i didnt like it very much... but i have heard great things about them, most people use them for metal. i have an ibanez gsr200 and i love it, whats your price range and would you be playing metal?
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Bass: Ibanez Gsr200
Bass amp: Ibanez sw100 stack

Guitar: squier starter pack

never buy a squier!
Ibanez make some great economy basses that are fantastic for the price. But it would be helpful if you could give us a price range and a preference for sound and type (thin neck vs thicker neck etc etc)