Well, I'm working on learning, "One" by Metallica in its entirety, and I've come across something that says, silent taps on 20th fret, then pull off at 12th, then hammer 13th, pull off on 12th. What the hell is a silent tap?
it means you dont have to do it i believe
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the way i do it is just flick the string down so its actually like hitting it with a pick then do the 12h13p12
so you could do 12h13p12 with the pick and not even worry about any tapping
I'm not sure but it sounds like you would just pull off like you would when tapping, but not hammer on so as to not make the noise ofhitting the note on the 20th fret or whatever.
i dont know
in that part of "One" i just tap over the 20th fret and do a hammer on/pull off in the 12th and 13th frets
like normal tapping