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129 61%
119 56%
Long Johns (Long underwear)
21 10%
59 28%
95 45%
45 21%
86 41%
Other (please post)
49 23%
Voters: 211.
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It's getting pretty chilly out (-7F) and so I am looking to stock up on winter gear for everyday use. I have a coat and a hoodie, but from there I'm lost. What do you guys wear to keep warm?

Poll coming.
I live in Florida
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Blubber. I eat seals. Baby ones.

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Body heat.
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I wear like three shirts, a fender zip up hoodie thing, shorts under my jeans, three pairs of socks, and a hat.
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My blubbery hide usually does the trick.

Generally just add more layers of clothing though.
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I don't wear long johns but they're a very good solution.
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Yes it is!
Second one to me

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I rub belt sanders on my body during winter.

I find that the friction generates much heat.
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I usually just wear my hoodie, or my thicker coat if it gets decently cold. If it ever gets bad I have a beanie and some gloves that I wear, but I do live in Texas, so it's never that bad in the first place...
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I normally just wear a simple jacket, I don't get cold easily and it hardly drops below 0 F here. Try to wear a hoody underneath a larger jacket it equals great success.
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Usually just a hoodie and a winter jacket.

Might start wearing shorts underneath my jeans this week, because it's supposed to be a lot colder in the next few days.
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It's getting pretty chilly out (-7F) and so I am looking to stock up on winter gear for everyday use. I have a coat and a hoodie, but from there I'm lost. What do you guys wear to keep warm?

Poll coming.

coats and gloves. if you really wanna keep warm you should piss on your coat and hoodie... that'll keep you warm...... now check yoself.
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wool socks over regular cotton socks
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when its cold i warm up my hand first
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multiple pairs of socks, like those big wool-type ones on top of regular socks. A Hat and gloves obviously help a ton too.
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Damn thats cold man, you lose most body heat from the head.. hats for the win
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a nice cold shower or a swim at the beach. it's over 80 degrees Fahrenheit here.

an unsaturated fattylolcid.
coat, multiple hoodies, gloves, long johns, boots, touque...

When it's -40 with wind chill you need to pull out all the stops.
Hoody and sweatpants. The perfect casual/workout clothes for the winter.
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Sweatshirt, gloves if necessary, and always a scarf to protect the vocal chords.
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Insulated inner wear, coat, scarf, gloves.

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I wear 2 hoodies. One's a light hoodie that you'd wear in like fall.. the other is heavier.
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