Okay here I am. I'm a Metal/Rock/Blues Guitarist and I love Les Pauls. Being the poor kid I am I have a Line 6 Spider 3. I like the amps metal tone. But my squier just isn't cutting it anymore. I have 600 dollars and I don't want to waste it. I love the look and feel of Les Pauls. I know they make good rock and blues guitars, but would they work for metal? If they don't, any suggestions for a good metal guitar?
Guitar's really don't make all that much difference in tone. It's gonna be the amp, pups and your playing. And your amp will not cut it for metal, no matter what guitar you use. look into a Randall RG50TC or a Bugera 6260
yeah it'll do metal if you throw in a DiMarzio....

look at Dillion Agile tokai Edwards and if you must an Epi
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you can get agile 3000's with EMG 81/85 pick up's, will do you go for metal, well so i hear anyways.

They have alot of diffrent LP's so there worth checking out.
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I know like 10 metal bands that use a Les Paul lol
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Wrong forum first of all.

Second of all, you really should get a new amp, but if you won't and you insist on an LP.
Agile makes damn good ones.
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I know like 10 metal bands that use a Les Paul lol

I know like 11, lol.
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You can find them a little cheaper in stores......in fact... you can get them for $400... and that leaves you room to throw in some EMG's....

I got my swede and installed the EMG's myself. The tone is so thick.... I love it.

The other option....


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