I was just cruising through the Tab Talk forum, and suddenly it takes me to some ad called fling, showing me **** loads of naked photos.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Yep happend to me about 10 minutes ago!!!!!!!! I was getting worried, running a virus scan right now.
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Once, I was on UG and my browser changed to some sexual dating thing with lots of sexy nude pics. Of course it was all an "accident".
I'm running a scan, same thing happened to me. A few weeks ago I went to yellowpages.com or something like that.
Porn used to pop up on me in school. It was twice as funny because it was a Catholic school.
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I keep on closing before they load but I assume yes. The weird thing is that I just installed a super pop up blocker that's supposed to block literally everything.
And your complaining? Your computer brought up porn for you. I think thats pretty awesome, as long as it wasnt some freaky crap.
Yeah and my dad saw it and beat me. I just now realized that sounded so sexual.
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